We know that the last months have been difficult on all of us. None of us know what the playbook looks like. None of us know what to expect going forward. What we do know is that we’ve all experienced different levels of change. We know that while change can bring uncertainty it can also give us all the opportunity to show how strong we are and rise above this together.

The Parkersburg High School Foundation is honored to be a part of the Give Local MOV for 2020. There are many amazing organizations that are asking for donations for the most vulnerable in our community. We also recognize that many may be facing financial hardships making it difficult to donate to many as in the past.

Here is what we would like to ask you to consider. First and foremost, give where you feel led to give.

We would ask for you to consider the Parkersburg High School Foundation because of our opportunity to give to the students of PHS though supporting the following in the school:

  1. Support of the food pantry for those students experiencing food insecurities.
  2. Support of teacher grants that allow the teachers to keep students engaged through creative learning opportunities as well as supporting the special education department with teaching life skills to the students.
  3. Support of gift cards and other awards for use with encouraging students to stay focused on their school work and attendance.
  4. Support of keeping PHS safe for students so they can focus on their education without fear of their safety with the purchase of additional ID printers, purchase of individual door blocks for the classrooms.
  5. Support of funding to the school for use with helping the students with financial support like rent, utilities and other family needs so they can focus on their education.

In addition, the Parkersburg High School Foundation plans to make a contribution to the planned medical clinic to be located on the campus of PHS. This was intended to be in place by Fall of 2020 but could be delayed due to COVID-19.  Regardless, The PHS Foundation will commit $25,000 to this endeavor when it comes to fruition. This opportunity will provide an onsite medical clinic for students and faculty to use for medical, dental, visual and mental health needs. 

We appreciate the consideration for your donation and thank you for all you are doing to support our entire community. 

Give Local MOV will take place on May 5, 2020

If you would like to donate you can go to:

Parkersburg ​High School